Friday, November 16, 2012

11/15/12 A few shots...

I am still alive! I am currently trying to get all my photos in one place with the addition of a new laptop and slowly putting my old one out of commission (its cord still doesn't like to make a good connection to the laptop). School is also taking over my life slowly but surely. Anywho, I am still taking pictures! Here are a few of my most recent shots!

Here is the moon tonight. A beautiful crescent, by far my favorite moon phase! The earth glow lights up the rest of the moon that is often hard to see with the naked eye! Pretty!

Here are a few shots from earlier this week (hint, I am going back in time) from a few hours I spent at Pactola Lake in the Black Hills.

Milky way

And here is a sunset timelapse I did that evening before these star shots. Image flashes due to me adjusting settings to retain visibility with the changing light.

At the end of October, I traveled with the Rocky Mountain Incident Management Type 2 Team C to the Wetmore Fire in Colorado. Here are a few shots I took during the travel from Rapid City to there (shots from the incident are coming in a later post most likely).

Hot air balloon at sunrise in central Colorado
A windmill in Wyoming during the windy drive home

A mere day before the call-up, here is the sunset from Rapid City...

A week or so earlier, I traveled to North Platte to visit a friend. On the way, I saw my first snow of the season and stopped to take this picture of a dozer line from the Region 23 Complex. A very serious fire that burned near Chadron, NE in early September this year. To the right of the dozer line, note the burned out terrain as opposed to the unburned on the left. Amazing how a line and a burn out operation can halt a fire!

Well, that is all for now! Hope ya'll enjoyed! Visit back occasionally! Also keep a look out for the SDSMT Weather Association calendar for 2013! Two of my photos are featured in it!


Friday, October 12, 2012

9/30/12 Fall Colors in Day and Night!

Here are a few photos from the end of September when the leaves were changing. A full harvest moon (as close as you can get) lit the ground really well and it was so much fun to take pictures! Here are the night ones!

And the following day, I got out and shot some more photos during the afternoon of the fall foliage. There are alot! Enjoy!

Hope you liked them! Share the blog with your friends! Don't let them miss out! :) I hope to see a bit more convection before the winter arrives.