Friday, February 15, 2013

2/15/13 Bald eagle sighting!

After months of searching and waiting, I finally got sight of the bald eagle today at sunset! He perched on a tree at Canyon Lake and eventually flew off into the sunset. Here are three shots I got of the little bugger. I plan to go out in the morning to see if he is out and about again!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2/11/13 It has been's some winter/night scenes!

First the most recent. Here are some shots of a crescent moon setting tonight!

Going back about a week or two, I shot a timelapse in the Black Hills at a bonfire we had near Hisega. The moon rose around 11pm and the span of the video goes the entirety of the night, ending as soon as the sun began to rise. Here is the video.

Going back another week or so, I hiked Buzzards Roost with the pretty lady and a friend hoping to see a great sunset and moonrise. We were treated with a awesome halo around the sun with alot of high clouds. The downside was it ruined the sunset. The moon was a full one and when it rose, it was magnificent over Rapid City. I got a timelapse of both the moonrise and sunset!

Here are a few additional shots that I got with the full moon over Rapid City before we hiked in the dark back to our cars.

Kathy Jo is shining bright creating a halo around herself (and the sun)!!!

A week or two before the previous, I hiked alone (and had a long hike back alone in the dark) to Buzzards Roost to shoot what I thought would be a quality sunset. You tell me what you think...

And a few days before that, I shot this sunset in Rapid City!

Finally, for a bit of a change of pace, Thanksgiving night, I spent some time in the freezing cold Badlands and got this timelapse/startrails shot that I played with. It is only an hour...

 Finally I will leave you with a sunset from the end of December from east of Rapid City, SD.

I plan to take all the videos and timelapses I have accumulated over the past year and make one entire video. It shouldn't take too long, but is time my thesis just doesn't give me at the moment. So, hold tight and wait for my next blog post! :)

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