Monday, May 2, 2016

4/24/16 Holyrook to Manhattan supercell (KS)

Attempt #1

Attempt #2

Attempt #3 and success! Supercell is born and going strong!

Sucking moisture off the ground under its base.


Subi's second supercell!

Very organized forward flank with rear flank peeking in far left.

Rear flank (RFD) left of center starting to rotate around small wall cloud.

Wall cloud/scud extends further to the surface as RFD gets closer!

Rotating around the wall cloud. Great structure!

Wrapped in rain. RFD has now occluded the wall cloud/funnel.

A second RFD develops left of center near Ellsworth, KS.

Sucking in lots of moisture!

Great structure on this supercell.

Ragged wall cloud.

Third RFD wrapping around wall cloud, trying to produce...again.

Wrap, wrap, wrap!

Very close to producing, but alas it wasn't to be.

Storm kept sucking moisture off the ground! Gypsum Hills are annoying!

Some old ruins.

Mature, very strong supercell. Look at the waves of the mid-level inflow!

Textbook structure on the mesocyclone.

A closer peek!

Attempt four at a tornado.

Getting ragged again.

North of Abilene, still great structure, but all shrouded and rain, outflow dominant.

Fantastic mammatus show south of Manhattan.

Elevated and pretty at sunset!

Not a great photo, but I picked up the family. This is a shot from my 11 month old's first storm chase!

It is upon us! My son's first core punch! :)

First attempt at producing a tornado.