Sunday, January 24, 2016

Year in photos - Week 8

Last light on the farm. Wausa, NE

Golden hour. Wausa, NE

Old limestone house on the prairie. Cuba, KS

Old schoolhouse or church under some cirrus. Haddam, KS

Gorgeous derelict piano inside! Haddam, KS

First light after the snowstorm. Manhattan, KS

Sunset Cemetery after dark. Manhattan, KS

Christmas lights in the snow! Manhattan, KS

Sunset over the Flint Hills. Manhattan, KS

Zoomed in a bit more shows the true beauty of the Flint Hills in the haze.
Mountains!?! Nope, Flint Hills. Manhattan, KS

Year in photos - Week 7

SD 26 is gorgeous! Randolph, KS
Sun through a window of SD 26. Randolph, KS

Light through the school window.

Sky on fire. Randolph, KS

Waves in a sea of snow. Wausa, NE

Sub-zero temps developed dazzling crystals on the window. Neligh, NE

Stratocumulus at sunset. Randolph, KS

Windmill stratocumulus. Randolph, KS

SD 28 post sunset. Randolph, KS

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Year in photos - Week 6

Red tailed hawk contemplating his next move... Manhattan.

Throckmorton lit red in the fog by the greenhouses at K-State. Manhattan.

Santa Clause holding on by a gutter in snowless Manhattan.

Foggy scene at the mall. Manhattan.

Another wave of fog pushes through. Manhattan.

"Historic Millery" in Alma, KS.

Catholic Church in Alma, KS.

Love this candles in every room. Best Christmas lights there are. Wamego, KS.

Jefferies Energy Center on a cold, cold morning. Belvue, KS.

Faint sun pillar at sunset to finish off the weekend. Manhattan.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Year in photos - Week 5

Two cardinals hanging under the cedar tree! Guessing mates? Manhattan, KS.

The last of the snow hangs on by a thread... Manhattan, KS.

Little Alexander reached 7 months! And proceeded to chew it up. Manhattan.

Last sunset of 2015! New Year's Eve. Manhattan.

Abandoned house under the stars. South of Council Grove, KS.

Milky Way over the tomb of the unknown Kanza Warrior. Council Grove, KS.

Virga at sunset. Manhattan.