Sunday, December 29, 2013

12/29/13 Recent Fall/Winter Photos

Some photos from the last several months. Enjoy! Comments welcome too!

Fall near the Kansas River
Moonrise in the graveyard near Halloween
Flares over Fort Riley battle practice
Kansas River steam on a cold morning
Milkyway over the school house at Tallgrass Ntl Prairie
Sunset over a cornfield
Fall near Manchester, KS
Moonset over Kansas River
Sunset over the Sand Hills of Nebraska
Milkyway behind developing storms in N KS
November lightning near Flush, KS
Rime on trees near Chadron, NE
Moon and Venus over a coal power plant in NE KS
Startrails, clouds, frost sparkling grass and moon shadows near graveyard in central KS
Startrails and an iridium flare over a hay field in KS
Sunset over an irrigation pivot in central KS
Moonrise over a dusty field in KS
Moon in the Christmas season in Wamego, KS
Moon over the rail road tracks near St. George, KS
Combining at sunset near Riley, KS
Sunrise over Rapid City, SD
Auroras behind the clouds in Rapid City, SD
A cloudless night in Wausa, NE

Hope you like them! If you have any ideas, thoughts, etc feel free to leave a comment! Hopefully I will keep this blog more updated in the near future! Bug me if I don't! Thanks for checking it out!