Monday, June 6, 2016

5/21/16 Leoti, KS supercell

Haven't chased as much as previous years-mostly because the week everything happened I was in a conference in Colorado. Yes, that means all the tornadoes close to home... I wasn't there. Stressful! I did sneak in a chase in western Kansas right before I left though! Here are a few shots from that day.
Backside of supercell had an impressive base. Making up lost ground due to roads and playing the second target.

Approaching from the west, impressive mammatus with base still viewable to the left. Leoti in the distance.

Coming at it from the south! Blurry, but ominous!

Some very interesting advection/motion on the storm! Have a timelapse of this, will post later.

Impressive view as storm starts to weaken.

Even more impressive mammatus at sunset!

Still chugging along!

Sun lighting up mammatus above the updraft.

Storm is dying, dropping some gorgeous lightning too!

Been waiting for these low precipitation supercell lightning shots for years!