Sunday, March 18, 2012

3/10/12 A night with the Devil

Tom Warner and I went out to Devils Tower, Wyoming last Saturday night to take advantage of a rising moon and also hoping to catch some auroras with an incoming CME that was expected. The CME never impacted overnight and instead hit the next day so we weren't able to get any auroras sadly. However I was able to get some good, unique shots of the tower and surrounding landscape in our all-nighter with the Devil. Pictures are in no particular order.

Friday, March 9, 2012

3/9/12 Rapid City Wildfire Part 1

Here are some shots from the initial stages of the wildfire burning in Rapid City. More pictures to come. All photos copyright Chip Redmond.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

3/5/12 Custer State Park South Dakota

It is spring break! So why not an adventure into the great Custer State Park located at the southern edge of the Black Hills! That is just what we did on an absolutely gorgeous day with highs in the mid-60s, it couldn't of been any better. Here are some captures I got while on our day long journey through the woods.

Somewhere in this picture is a bird, can you find him?

A hawk was spotted circling for a few seconds before disappearing to never be seen again.

On our break for lunch, I decided to get some unique shots of some of natures patterns.

Here is where a wildfire occurred a time ago. You can see the burn marks on the trees. The flames only burned one side of the tree showing what direction the fire was headed. Flame lengths were quite high as the scorching went pretty high on the trees, symbolizing a very intense fire!

A look over the foothills and the surrounding plains.

Another sneaky little bird!

Still some flowers around! They were left over from the fall and were on a vine that grew up some of the shrubs and trees.

A skull left from a poor animal that probably fell into a small canyon. There were no other body parts so it could've been dragged from another place by a critter.

A sneaky woodpecker! He was pecking away at the tree.

These little rascals, there were three of them running around in the trees playing and squealing at us. They were cute little guys!

A glimpse of the moon rising in the east!

Found a little chipmunk!

Here is a herd of pronghorns relaxing before the evening when they are most active.

The buffalo are pretty prevalent in the park and we saw many grazing away without a care in the world. Would be a great dinner...

This donkey, they call them burros, are not native but were released into the park many years ago and have become a friendly member of the park. We only saw one and he belined right for my car to get attention. I have heard stories of these guys swarming cars and slobbering all over it and wasn't having any part in that. I drove away quickly and here was his reaction in my mirror. He was so sad we left him! There was only one, so I don't know where his friends were. Poor fellow...

An occasionally prairie dog can be found as well!

He did a dance for us!

Finishing up the trip, we found this small heard of big horn sheep grazing away on our trip back.

And no trip is complete without a deer! Especially in these parts where they are so common.

Well that is it! It was a fun day and I hope to maybe wonder south more into Wind Cave National Park to hopefully find some elk on Friday. Tonight we are heading out to try to catch some auroras after yesterdays massive X5 solar flare! The biggest since 2000! It could be a big show. We are headed into the Badlands to play with the full moon as well, should be fun! Stay tuned for shots from tonight!

Thanks for reading!