Sunday, March 18, 2012

3/10/12 A night with the Devil

Tom Warner and I went out to Devils Tower, Wyoming last Saturday night to take advantage of a rising moon and also hoping to catch some auroras with an incoming CME that was expected. The CME never impacted overnight and instead hit the next day so we weren't able to get any auroras sadly. However I was able to get some good, unique shots of the tower and surrounding landscape in our all-nighter with the Devil. Pictures are in no particular order.


  1. Dude these are really good,I especially like the one with the trees lit up in red. I'm curious about the long exposure star shots. How long was the exposure on those? I feel like it's probably much less time than I would expect

  2. Only a few were actually long exposure. The images where you can see the foreground well lit up are about 2-3 minute exposure. The others with the stars streaking are "star trails" that are composed of 30-40 images each of 30 second exposures. Long time no talk! Hope all is well!