Friday, June 14, 2013

6/6/13 Rapid City, SD Auroras

A very subtle shift in the Bz to the south allowed for a very good showing of auroras across much of the United States northern tier states last week. Decided to take a chance at some glow on the horizon and boy did I get a surprise. I used both cameras and put together a timelapse that is below. The zoomed view is a 30mm f1.4 on a D7100 with a 5" exposure and ISO 1000. The unzoomed was using a 12mm f4 on a D80 with a 30" exposure and ISO 1600. Both came out great! Here are a few images.

Auroras were fading so I played around with some foreground.

A few cows watched it too! An iridium flare can bee seen above them!

A fun but tiring night as the auroras lasted over two hours! Hope to see this good of a show again someday soon! That was the best I have personally seen! Thanks for checking my blog out! Be sure to share it!


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