Thursday, May 3, 2012

4/21/12 South Dakota Badlands/Lyrids

We took a trip out to the South Dakota Badlands to try to shoot the Lyrids. We were treated to some wildlife and a pretty sunset as well. Got to do a little light painting as well with a head lamp and the truck's headlights. Saw a good amount of Lyrids but they all seemed to sneak just out of sight of the camera.

The shadows gave a pretty cool effect on the landscape.

Had a close encounter with some big horn sheep!

The lone buffalo standing on a ridge at sunset! One of my favorite photos of all time!

Baby buffalo!

These two started fighting/playing for us. It was quite entertaining.

I walked up to the little ridge with a headlamp in my hand.

At the park entrance where we spent some time observing the Lyrids. A party bus drove by and lit up the frame.

We left around 2am and got back to Rapid around 330am. It was a long night but a blast! I had a ton of fun! Hoping to go out again soon, probably the next full moon as the landscape is just so stunning at night.


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