Monday, May 21, 2012

5/20/12 Solar Eclipse from Rapid City, SD

A partial solar eclipse occurred on Sunday and I went out and got photos of it with Dinosaur Hill in the foreground. I held a #11 welders lens in front of the camera's lens to get these pictures. I didn't look at the sun directly! Never look at it directly! Enjoy!
The sun the day before. Notice the three sunpots on it!

Light refractions with the welders lens being held in front of the camera lens.

Sun pillar! During the eclipse!

A prehistoric solar eclipse!

A reverse reflection by angling the glass!

Sunspot sneaking through the ending eclipse and the cloud cover.

And then the sun went behind the clouds...

And it set for the day...
What a cool experience! I haven't ever gotten photos of the sun before, let alone close ups and with an eclipse! I have to thank Pam's husband Don for giving me the welders glass to look at the sun. It made it enjoyable for all of us and proved to provide some cool effects when you turned it certain directions!

Visit again to see hopefully a good storm chase recap of tomorrows chase in SD/ND!


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