Wednesday, June 6, 2012

5/22/12 North Dakota Chase

Started out with an initial target of northern South Dakota. High cirrus clouds made us doubt our initial position and we drifted farther north to just east of Bismark, ND. My first time in the state! We waited in a chaser convergence as storms near Minot went tornadic. They were just too far out of our reach though. After a bit more patience, we watched a storm fire in SD near the border and split. The right mover fell apart while, surprisingly, the left mover held itself together. I have always had a thing for left movers, they just seem to fascinate me. We drifted southeast and intercepted the cell as it began to weaken. We were lucky enough to see a small wall cloud and RFD on this guy, rotating the wrong way! So cool! Another cell formed just to the north and we watched it go from birth to a full blown supercell! Super cool too! As that storm weakened, storms started firing all around and a heck of a lightning show ensued!

State Capital in Pierre, SD
Left mover from a distance!
Closer, it had a small RFD cut and baby wall cloud! (just above and right of the trees)
RFD cut with outflow
Left mover died...
Small cell fires north of the left mover.
Downdraft stengthens.
Strengthens even more.
Repositioned to get a view of the base to the south of the forward flank downdraft and got a view of this wall cloud.
It looked pretty good at one point!

Here is a timelapse of the base. If you look carefully you can see the rotation. Brighter frames are because of lightning during the image. These are 5" exposures.

Then it went outflow dominant and developed a shelf cloud.
Another view of the FFD
Begin lightning barrage!
Stacked image of many shots of the updraft.

Well, I hope you enjoyed! I will update this blog again tomorrow with a few pics from WY and high based storms I intercepted as well as the Venus transit across the sun from yesterday! Visit again!

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