Saturday, June 23, 2012

6/22/12 SD/NE Chase

To sum it up in one word... "wow". We started out near Chadron, NE and waited for storms to do something. We gave up and started to drift NW back into SD to watch a storm that was on the WY/SD border. We had no data after leaving Chadron and chased purely off what we could see. We watched the base for over an hour, of which I did a time lapse. The better shear arrived and the storm went nuts. It dropped at least three tornadoes, a cone, then a needle, and eventually a big wedge. We only saw one other chase out there which made it even cooler, we were the only people out there witnessing this awesome power of Mother Nature. I won't say much on the images, they are pretty self-explanatory. Enjoy and share!(Note: my camera's sensor is super dirty, my apologies)

Moon visible just below the anvil with High Park Fire in CO's smoke along the horizon.

What a day! This goes down as probably one of my favorite chase days of all time. Thanks for checking it out! Visit back often as I update with other photos besides just tornadoes!


  1. Great job! I think I was that other chaser... should have just stayed put like you all - you found a perfect spot. The timelapse is insane - saw you set up for it on that highway which was a gravel road, you can see the better shear arrive and the storm get more vertical. Love those structure timelapses.

  2. Dude, saw your blog entry on the SDSMT newsletter e-mail thing and WOW! I Would have LOVED to go ride with you guys...I graduated May 2010. Absolutely beautiful photos! Could I get a few full res for desktop backgrounds?? Because, seriously, some of these are worth putting on a wall!

    Very cool!